4 Famous Restaurants From Coorg Tourism

There are different renowned cafés in Coorg. Some are acclaimed due to their top of the line mood, some for their delightful environmental factors mirroring the genuine embodiment of Coorg, and the others on account of their delectable food. There are a couple of true eateries serving just the neighborhood food of Coorg like the East End Hotel and Athithi, and these cafés have been a critical piece of Coorg Tourism. There are additionally a couple of well known multi cooking cafés like The Falls, Caravan and Raintree.

The Falls:-

The Falls is a well known multi cooking eatery inside the Tamara Coorg Hotel. The food of this eatery is one of the most exceptionally appraised among all the eateries in Coorg. It is a basic piece of Coorg Tourism due to its delectable food, yet in addition on account of its encompassing excellence. The eatery has classy insides yet what strikes the eyes of the clients is the encompassing greenery of Coorg alongside a wonderful cascade close to the café. Alongside the typical indoor eating zone they additionally offer the clients to feast in the outside to get the genuine feel of the encompassing magnificence. The Falls serves Continental, Oriental and Indian dishes.

East End Hotel:-

The East End Hotel is an extraordinary piece of Coorg Tourism as it serves the nearby food of Coorg which is another and brilliant experience for the sightseers. The food is hot, giving the genuine quintessence of the nearby dishes of Coorg. The food is went with the different selections of chutneys and a glass of cool buttermilk. The best dishes of this eatery are the non-vegan ones. The East End Hotel is one of only a handful not many cafés in Coorg serving the legitimate nearby pleasures of Coorg. Kauai restaurants


Coorg Tourism through this eatery offers the vacationers feasting directly in the core of the city of Coorg. Band is a multi cooking café serving such tasty food, which makes you need to result in these present circumstances eatery over and over. The food isn’t the main resource of this eatery; Caravan additionally has an extraordinarily great atmosphere. The renowned non-vegan dishes of this café are the Chicken Satay, Murg Musallam and the Spicy Dicy Chicken. It is likewise a treat for the veggie lovers and its most popular vegan dish is the Oriental Vegetables in margarine garlic sauce with singed rice or noodles. The stunning food and the incredible atmosphere helps in making the Caravan one of the most celebrated and well known eateries in Coorg.


The Raintree is a multi-cooking eatery with a beguiling vibe; it gives a loosening up feel to its clients. The excellent area with greenery around it and encompassed by the slopes of Coorg makes it an extraordinary fascination of Coorg Tourism. It one of the most renowned cafés in Coorg is as yet not profoundly estimated; this makes it famous among individuals with various spending plans. The renowned dishes of this eatery are Mutton Biryani, Alleypey Prawn Curry, Chemmen Thenga, Meen Moilee, Ularthu and the fish platter. The staff of this café is useful and known for its proficient and speedy help.