What is the Specialty of Infrared Contact Lenses in Terms of Marked Poker Cards?

Did you know that you can mark your deck of cards to get access to some facilities? Well, yeah, you can! If you want, you can win every single time! Is that amazing or what? But how is the gambler to know which are the marked cards? After all, he would have to know that to make the plan a success. Well then read on and we will tell you how the person who marks the cards can also read the same. 

What is the mechanism behind marking the cards?

Mostly you can get marked decks of cards online. You can search for the same in any browser and it will show you the way thereafter. You can go for the offline options as well (if you know any).

There is another, quite simple method, too. Many use invisible ink to mark their cards. This is one of the most popular ways to mark your cards. There is also a way where there are barcodes present on the cards. That too is quite a prevalent idea to mark your cards. But it has a lengthy and complicated detection process. 

How to detect the markings?

While barcodes exist, marking your cards with invisible ink is the more preferred choice. It is also quite easy to perceive that way. You can get yourself infrared contact lenses. These help you detect where the ink spot is on the cards. You can get invisible ink contact lenses for marked cards on online sites quite easily. All you have to do is search for them on any browser of your choice.

A marked deck of cards is common, but not quite so openly talked about. You must have your strategy to win the game and also must know the consequences that could follow. You could also use poker cheating devices if your sole motive behind getting marked cards is cheating in poker. Otherwise, invisible ink is a great option if you are looking for them for magic tricks. 

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